Quality is paramount and central to our organization

Quality Control Planning

Our clients come to us with and without quality plans in place for their production.  Whether you have a quality control plan in place or need help building a quality plan, we provide the resources and expertise to ensure that your parts are made correctly and to your specifications.  

When it comes to implementing quality, our team of quality control specialists independently audits your parts throughout production and statistically samples each batch prior to shipment to meet our Quality Assurance Guidelines per ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993 as well as MIL-STD-105E.   

Quality Control Plans are developed with our clients and agreed to up front prior to production.  Our process ensures and guarantees quality and conformance on every shipment delivered.

Quality Production Process


Our 5 step process is straight forward and reliable. In each step, we are driving toward quality assurance with our clients. 

  1. Quality Plan: We develop the Quality Plan for production around our client's specifications, requirements systems.  Sometimes it's simply a matter of adapting a fully outlined, existing Quality Plan that's already in place with the product, and other times we are building the entire quality plan from the ground up.  Either way, a good quality plan is the back bone of any production and our collaborative quality planning process is at the core of who we are.
  2. Tooling: During the tooling phase, we develop tools, jigs, fixtures and gauges to properly and effectively manufacture your product to meet the requirements of the quality plan.
  3. Sample Approval: Production sample approvals are an important step in ensuring quality. Off tool samples (known as T1, T2, etc.) allow for our client's to evaluate and adjust parts as needed prior to full production release.
  4. Production: Production is built around the quality plan and approved samples from our clients. Throughout production, we will audit and oversee in process quality control and then prior to final pack out, we statistically check each batch.  A certificate of compliance is issued with each shipment prior to leaving the factory.
  5. Logistics: We handle logistics from our factory network to your dock.  We work with a team of international freight forwarders to track your shipment through transit.  When your product arrives at your dock, we guarantee compliance with the Quality Plan.